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Bringing your message to life. We make stories out of subjects that live and breathe and ensure these are delivered in a creative and interesting way and engage with the viewers.

Understanding the message that you want to put across – and challenging that message for consistency. Our experience in news broadcasting means that we approach every job with absolute impartiality which generates absolute credibility.

Background - a unique feature of Bubble comes from our background in news and our ability to shoot and edit very quickly, combined with our editorial expertise bringing a unique understanding to our publishing clients.

Building long-lasting relationships with all our clients and maintaining customer loyalty.

Listening to our clients. Again, our news background coupled with the experience of our reporter/producers enables us to get the most out of any interviewee and ensure the process is as relaxed and productive as possible.

Enjoying what we do. We truly love it and like to think that this shows in the way we approach each and every job.

Thinking outside the box is the past – being in the Bubble is the future.


LIVE broadcasting

Our LIVE broadcasting and Event TV facility helps you reach global audiences from anywhere. If you want to know more about live streaming follow the link to our streaming division :

What we do

We are passionate about everything we do at Bubble. We truly love our work and like to think that this shows in the way we approach each and every job: our passion can be your profit.

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