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We realise the importance of creating a house style and after twenty years working in a creative industry we have built strong relationships with a variety of professionals. Our very own in-house graphics partner RAW Graphics allows for seemles integration of your design concept throught our video production process. In a stand-alone capacity RAW Graphics provides everything from standard 2D print design through to video graphics and packaging design

Project managing these teams allows us to work quickly, efficiently and cost effectively for our clients. Doing this locally lowers our carbon footprint - a common-sense approach for all of our futures.



LIVE broadcasting

Our LIVE broadcasting and Event TV facility helps you reach global audiences from anywhere. If you want to know more about live streaming follow the link to our streaming division :

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We are passionate about everything we do at Bubble. We truly love our work and like to think that this shows in the way we approach each and every job: our passion can be your profit.

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