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Bubble designs and implements effective communication, training, marketing and selling tools for businesses who want to communicate effectively. We offer full ‘plug-in’ communications systems – both content and delivery –for organisations who do not want to do the work in-house.

The Concept
Fifteen years ago e-commerce was the coming thing. Now there’s just commerce.
In the same way, Social Business – the means by which organisations harness the power of social media to engage with colleagues and customers – will become simply Good Business.

When colleagues operate as a network of communities instead of units on an organizational chart, they can spot and fill gaps in their expertise. They can seamlessly share their knowledge across departments, across languages, across continents and most importantly, with their customers.
Result: Investing in social business helps your team deliver an exceptional customer-centric experience and can save money by increasing efficiency by up to 25 per cent.


Internal Comms
Successful businesses need a regular, structured channel for face-to-face communication. Bubble’s SatStream system produces regular, live, rich, two-way briefings complete with tasks for team leaders and unit managers to engage with frontline colleagues. Our system also all those attending to ask questions on key topics.
Result: richer internal dialogue and a more consistent message delivered to customers.


Not everyone is comfortable e-learning. We can produce tailor-made vidoes deisgned to enthuse the new recruit, get the company message across in a clear and entertaining way and get new starter fireed up to face their new challenges.
We can also design welcome packs which Combine reading, watching, asking, talking and doing, to provide a comprehensive suite of materials, delivered in a simple, yet structured way.
Result: confident new starters, conversant ready and enthusiastic to perform their new role


Pole Positioning
Our systems allow you to ensure operational basics and performance excellence are spread throughout the organisation. By using live training and communications systems, coupled with printed or e-manuals, we can enfold complex and sometimes varied policies and guides into an easy to understand package that maps out the rout from Good to Better to Best. This can only be achieved through peer to peer involvement and quality content generation.
Result: Generates a sense of ownership among front-line colleagues and with that a feeling of responsibility for outcomes.

The Message
All the mission statements in the world will not improve outcomes. We can convert complex strategy documents into a visually rich message or metaphor that every colleague can understand and identify with. Satstream and our Social Business strategies allow colleaagues to discuss and engage with the strategy and understand their role in it.
Result:Colleagues who know the company’s direction and how to deliver the strategy.


LIVE broadcasting

Our LIVE broadcasting and Event TV facility helps you reach global audiences from anywhere. If you want to know more about live streaming follow the link to our streaming division :

What we do

We are passionate about everything we do at Bubble. We truly love our work and like to think that this shows in the way we approach each and every job: our passion can be your profit.

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